Rules and Regulations for Teachers (SF Wing)

A).  All teachers should be present in the respective departments before 8.50 a.m. and should leave the college after 1.40 p.m. on all working days.
B).   All HODs are expected to make a strict vigilance on the discipline among their teachers and students.
C).   With regard to availing of permission the teachers concerned should get the prior permission from the HOD and the Coordinator of the SF Wing. The permitted time is an hour a day subject to maximum of three permissions in a month. During that time the teachers should see that the regular classes are not affected.
D).  The HODs are asked to frame the time-table for their departments in such a manner with the consent of all staff members.
E).  In case of leave/absent the teachers should make their class arrangements and they must be mentioned in the leave/permission form.
F).  The teachers are allowed to avail the religious holidays which are restricted to three days in a calendar year as per the order of the Government of Tamilnadu.
G).  Casual leave is sanctioned only for twelve days in a calendar year as per the GO. Beyond this sanctioned leave will be treated as loss of pay.
H).  Medical leave/maternity leave is not permissible. However, in extraordinary situation the leave will be sanctioned based on the discretion of the management.
I).  All the male teachers should wear the Identity Cards and Neck Ties provided by the Management of the College during the college hours and even in the college campus.
J).  All the female teachers should wear the Identity Cards and Over Coats provided by the Management of the College during the college hours and even in the college campus.
K).  Teachers are warned not to collect any amount from the students.
L).  Continuous Internal Assessment Test should be conducted periodically and the marks obtained by the students must be published in the Notice Board before entering into the Foil Card of the university. No correction should be made on the Foil Card.
M).  Daily attendance of the students (hour-wise) is mandatory. The HODs are asked to monitor that at least 80% of attendance is obtained by the students.
N).  The teachers are advised not to use electronic gadgets/appliances during the class hours and to check that no student is permitted to have these appliances in the college campus under any circumstances.
O).  The teachers should maintain a healthy relationship with the students.
P).  The grievances of the students must be redressed by the department. If not possible this must be brought to the notice of the Coordinator.
Q).  On Duty/Other Duty will be sanctioned by the Coordinator of the SF Wing subject to the production of attendance certificate.
R).  The teachers are asked to update their knowledge by publishing papers in the National / International Journals, Seminars, Workshops or Conferences for the betterment of their departments.
S).  Prior notice must be served to the Management of the College before the teachers resign the post from the college.
T).  All the teachers (except Tamil department teachers) are expected to instruct and speak in English in the classrooms and in the college campus.